The Message Painting by Anna-Marie Buss


An ongoing series of paintings that are inspired by the art movement Les Nabis 1888 – 1900 whose work was characterised by broad planes of unmediated colour and symbolism. In each painting there is a hidden message which is open to the interpretation of the viewer.


“The Message”

Oil on Canvas | 20″ x 16″

A carrier pigeon sits on the wall next to the girl. The message it was carrying has fallen out and is caught by a flurry of wind. What was the message…? Are the letters etched in the wall just random graffiti or something else?


The Opportunity Oil painting by Anna-Marie Buss

“The Opportunity”

Oil on Canvas | 20″ x 16″

A Greater Spotted Woodpecker perches on the wall attracted to a woman with a similarly patterned hat.

In various cultures the symbology of the Woodpecker suggests new opportunities that come knocking, opportunities for growth and expansion that we may choose to grasp.

In this image, what is the opportunity that is on offer?