There are occasions I get inspired to write a poem. I might see something or a line may pop in to my head that I can’t ignore. The poems I have written are similar to my paintings – they tell a story. I have read a few out at open mic spoken word nights, where I’m never that pleased with how it went as my nerves have got the better of me.

A recent spontaneous event challenged my self confidence where I had to record a poem for a radio station. After listening to the programme, I wasn’t too horrified to how I sounded, and I enjoyed the other poetry readings far more than if I had read them in a book.

This reminded me of a childhood memory of when I was about 10 years old, recording short stories in my bedroom with an old cassette player and making up sound effects to play the background. I had such fun and was in my creative element.

I decided to experiment and record the poems in my studio, please take a listen below: